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Sometimes, your ride doesn’t need fixing or adjustment. Sometimes, you need to get new bike parts or neat accessories, and when you do, Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood has the selection, quality, and fabulous prices to fit your every need. We’ve got seats, tassels, baskets, helmets, strapless pedals, and almost anything else you could ever want to modify your bike. Our bikes come in many different colors, and our accessories and parts do, too, so that you can match one to the other for a "stylin" look" on two wheels.

It’s all right with us if you don’t know exactly what kind of bike parts you want when you come in. If all you want to do is browse and come back later, that’s A-OK too. When you’re in the store, though, don’t hesitate to ask questions because helping you is our No. 1 concern. 

At Metropolis Bikes, we stock bike replacement parts for many brands and makes of bikes at the North Hollywood store.  We turn around repairs quickly because we not only have highly qualified and trained repair technicians but also because of our massive stash of replacement parts. It’s easier to fix your bike quickly when the parts are in the next room and not in the next state. And, because we’re open almost every day, there’s no "down time" during your repairs.

So, if your bid is missing something, then Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood very likely has it. If we don’t, then we know where to get it and whom to ask. Don’t delay. Call today or come by our store to make an appointment. We’ll be happy to serve you.

(818) 506-8144
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